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Parent Guild

Reverend Brown School strongly believes in the value of the home-school connection. Throughout the school year, there are many opportunities for parents to become involved during the school day or in our after school activities. If you are interested, please e-mail your name and number to
In order to be a volunteer or chaperone at Reverend Brown it is required by the Diocese of Paterson, (in this order) to: complete a criminal background check, sign a code of conduct and complete a Virtus (Protecting God’s Children) training course. The criminal background and code of conduct forms are available on this page. Once your background check and code of conduct are on file with us you can proceed with Protecting God’s Children training course. Please go to to sign up for a session.

Requirements for Volunteer/Chaperones

In order to become a volunteer or chaperone at Reverend Brown School a three-step process is required by the Diocese of Paterson. The individual must:

1. Please read the attached Code of Pastoral Conduct, complete and return page 12.

2. Complete the Sterling background check form and submit it to the main office.
Once steps one and two are complete, the person has 90 days in which to complete the Virtus training. A list of available classes and registration can be found at The volunteer must submit the certificate of completion to the Main Office.

The forms for steps one and two are available on the website and at the Main Office.

 Allergy Training Video