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Standards Based Report Cards

The Catholic Schools of the Paterson Diocese utilizes standards based grading in grades K-3. Standards based grades measure how well an individual student is doing in relation to the grade level standards/skills, not the work of other students or non-academic tasks (turning in homework, being to class on time, and behavior).

The Standards Based Report Card of the Paterson Diocese was developed by a group of experienced teachers, administrators and diocesan administrators.   It is believed that the use of standards based grading will give you a better understanding of what is expected of your child and how well he or she is progressing toward the goals at his or her grade level. 

The Standards Evaluation Scale

Students will be evaluated according to the following scale in each standard skill area. Even though the evaluation scale uses numbers, please try to avoid viewing the evaluation as a “point value.”



Exceeds Proficiency - Performance is characterized by going above and beyond what was taught by applying and connecting the extended skills with consistent accuracy, independence and a high-level of quality.


Proficient - The student demonstrates an understanding of required concepts and skills. Performance is characterized by the ability to apply the skills with accuracy, independence, and quality.



Developing - The student is progressing toward understanding required concepts and skills. Performance varies in consistency with regard to accuracy and quality. Support and guidance are often needed.


Beginning - The student demonstrates minimal understanding of basic required concepts and skills.  Performance is inconsistent even with support and guidance.


The skill/standard has not been evaluated at the time the report was issued.


Remember that standards based grading focuses on growth towards meeting or exceeding proficiency. It is to be expected that most students will show lower levels of proficiency early in the time a skill/standard is presented, and will grow in proficiency through the course of the year.