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The study of science is the exploration of the universe and all that it encompasses. God entrusts this world to us so that we may develop an effective understanding or awareness of his creation. The message delivered to the students of science is that God is integral to the totality of life, the immensity of the universe, the finite, and the infinite.
The Academy Science Program, which is aligned with the NJ Core Content Curriculum, follows a spiraling framework articulated from the earliest grades through high school. Learning builds upon previous knowledge and skills, which are repeated and reinforced to ensure mastery learning. Teachers of science seek to provide the environment where process and knowledge of science are emphasized. The science curriculum emphasizes the process of science as a way of learning and further emphasizes that scientific knowledge is always subject to change based on additional knowledge.
Teachers provide hands-on science lessons weekly to students in grades K-3 as well. The science curriculum addresses what students need to know so that they can make rational and responsible decisions as they face the intellectual, social and moral challenges of this 21st Century.